Diane is currently writing her first book, a memoir titled Unfolding Secrets, Finding My Place in the World. Having been born into the closed adoption system and experiencing a lifetime of questions about her ethnicity and wondering who her biological parents were, Diane decides in mid-life to search for her roots. 

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What happens as she finds her answers will surprise you. After growing up in a secluded, privileged world, Diane struggles reuniting with biological family members. 

While meeting her birth family, her adoptive parents who know nothing about her search, become ill. Her mother is hospitalized several times while her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. While care-taking, Diane is told of a situation that was kept secret for years which will affect her and her children for the rest of their lives. 

Diane must make a decision regarding her motives toward her adoptive parents. Unfolding Secrets is a journey of self-discovery and healing. This is a story about love, acceptance, and a search for identity. It also shares the realities of adoption, reuniting, and the intricate weavings of deep emotions, heartache, and family secrets adoption can bring to people's lives that last a lifetime. Diane offers hope through forgiveness to those interested in reuniting or coming to terms with difficult family relationships and loss. 

Diane is a contributing author to The An-Ya Project's fifth book, an anthology titled, Flip the Script, that encompasses essays, poetry, photographs, lyrics and artwork by and for adult adoptees; beautifully edited by Diane Rene' Christian, Rosita Gonzalez, and Amanda H. L. Transue Woolston. She is a contributing author to various adoptee blogs and a community inspirational anthology titled, Waiting at the Train Station: Crossroads, Turning Points, and Defining Moments

Diane is a member of The National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW), She Writes, and the Santa Clarita Writers Mastermind Alliance.